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WordPress website Speed Optimization Services

Speed is the most critical element that directly impacts the users experience on your WordPress website. Even a lag of a few seconds can drive away the users and reduce the conversion rate too. For this reason, it becomes essential to speed up the WordPress site to deliver a consistent user experience and keep the business revenues at the top.

The challenge lies as much in identifying the issues causing slow loading as it is in rectifying these issues. Therefore, it becomes essential to engage a professional WordPress team to handle the entire aspects of the speed and performance issues.

My Service Offerings

Speed Audit

Extensive analysis and audit of the site’s speed to discover the issues hindering its performance

WordPress Cleanup

Removal of unused code and old posts to reduce the unnecessary burden that is slowing the site

Image Optimization

Optimization of the images on the website to make it lightweight and faster than before

Database Optimization

Optimization of the database of the WordPress website by curtailing all the useless data it contains


Minimization of the size of the JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files for accelerating the site’s processing power

GZIP Compression

Reduction of the size of the files sent from the server for increasing the speed at which they are transferred to the browser