Is Your Website Safe? A Quick Guide to Complete Website Security Check

In any website development project, the procedures towards its security cannot be overemphasized. As a matter of fact, every e-commerce web design and development company or professional web design company take the security of their sites very seriously. And there is every possibility that your website is not secured and you don’t even know.

You might not even know that some electronic thieves have already broken into your website for the details of customers like their credit card information. And under normal condition, it is your legal obligation to protect this information from theft and security breaches that are rampant on the internet.

This is a quick guide to complete website security checks.

  • Check the website security settings:
  • Visual inspection of the website:
  • Run an online safety check on your website:
  • Check if your URL has a privacy policy:

On a final note, some of your website visitors know some of these and once your website is found wanting in any of these areas, it might prevent your potential customers from coming for what you are offering on the site.

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