Is WordPress the right CMS?

When it comes to Content Management System, clearly WordPress CMS takes all the hype. After all, it powers 30 percent of the web. However, does its current statistics validate it to be your go-to system? Perhaps not—not without a thorough research where you weigh in all the pros and cons before making any decision. Moreover, not today, when there are tens of extremely good CMSs out there, each with their unique features, to fit your distinct requirements adequately.

Sadly, when clients approach CMS web design & development companies, very few of them really enjoy the say and flexibility in choosing the system for their website. And, if not immediately, this mistake ends up being a pain point for them in the long-run when they take over their website for self-management or when their business goals change.

So, is WordPress the right CMS for you?

What tech is your website based on? What system has the developers used to make your website?
Have you specifically (or mistakenly) hired a WordPress CMS development company or is your developer capable to workaround with all kinds of system?

Content Management Systems

Aside from WordPress, there are plenty of names that you should definitely consider. Each of them, developed for a specific target audience with exceptional facilities, tout a good number of subscribers. Not all of them would be an ideal fit for you, but you can certainly cross path with non- WordPress platforms.

For example, if you’re looking to launch e-commerce, Shopify would definitely be a much better option than say Drupal. If you want news publishing website, WordPress and Joomla would be the nice options. But if you want a normal blog, Blogger and Wix can be your go-to. Here are 7 of the top CMSs that many top websites are based on:

  • WordPress
  • Symphony CMS
  • Blogger
  • Drupal

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